Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Servant King (deeds of David day 6)

I Samuel 16:15-23 is a beautiful picture of Christ-like humility. David had already been anointed by Samuel and knew he would be King one day. But he returned to take care of his father's sheep. In the meantime King Saul was having trouble calming down. His servants heard of a man who played amazing, peaceful music. They sent for him to play for King Saul. The harpist was none other than David! David, knowing he would be King, was content to serve King Saul in any form asked of him!

I first asked the kids how they could practice humbly serving. They decided to go find 3 things that their sibling would like around the house. They ended up going into each others rooms and picking up their toys, but they were both pleased with the things they received :) Honestly, I am not sure I even understood, but they did so yah.

Then we took turns serving cups of water to the family (and a few stuffed animals.)

The point: We are never too important to serve one another. Jesus, God himself, came to serve!

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