Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesus feeds 5000 continued (day 46)

We very often use the kids senses of touch, sight, and sound during our super summer Bible fun. But today we get to use their sense of taste and smell, yumm. Just take a couple packages of refrigerator biscuits and help the kiddos cut them into fourths using a plastic knife. Roll each piece in melted butter (one-half to one stick) with a lot of sugar and cinnamon in it. Then place them all in a bundt pan. Pour the remaining butter mixture over the top. Bake the "monkey bread" according to the biscuit directions (you may have to cook it longer though.) Then, use the bread and pretend to be Jesus breaking off pieces of bread to feed the people. However, Jesus' bread didn't run out! If you want more formal instructions and even a recipe to make the bread from scratch check out

the point? Jesus is perfectly able to take care of all our needs

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