Thursday, August 12, 2010

Running away (day 50)

For the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15, and found on page 272 of the Jesus Storybook Bible, we created a "journey." The kiddos each got a few flat marbles to be their "money." We pretended they were the son and wanted to go out on their own. They went through various challenges (run around the house twice, climb across the swings without touching the ground, go up the ladder and down the slide, etc.) At each stage of the "journey" they had to pay some of their money. By the time they were hungry and thirsty from all the work, they were out of money. I put some cereal out on a cookie sheet to pretend it was the pig food. The funny thing was that Alyse, knowing it was cereal she eats often, still refused to eat it like a pig. Which was a great time to talk about the son deciding he could live under his father's rules after all. The "sons" returned to their father (me) and received lots of hugs, kisses, and real food.

the point? Jesus took our punishment so he can joyfully welcome us home

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