Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writing on the Wall (Daniel's Days 5)

Daniel chapter 5 has a humbling story about King Belshazzar who ruled Babylon after Nebuchadnezzar. The King hosts a jolly party for many guests. The King orders the special serving pieces that had been captured with Israel to be brought out. As they are merrily eating and drinking from the sacred goblets taken from the temple of Jerusalem, a shocking thing happens. Suddenly, the words "Numbered, Measure, Divided" appear mysteriously on the wall. The King and his guests are terrified! They eventually call Daniel to explain the meaning. Daniel tells King Belshazzar that this is a message from the true God. God is not pleased with Belshazzar's actions, and is going to take his kingdom away. That very night, Persian soldiers take the King captive and the city is taken over.

We had a great time coming up with a paint to "write on the wall." We simply covered the bottom of a muffin tin with dish soap (or baby shampoo would work.) Then we added a few drops of food coloring and about a teaspoon or two of cornstarch. If you want the paint thicker, add more cornstarch. The kids mixed up each color and we went outside to paint the windows. We acted out the story and wrote the words on the wall. Then the kids had a good time covering the windows with washable paint. When they were finished, we hosed off the windows. Warning: the washing created A LOT of slippery bubbles. I would also try to keep the paint off any window facings or non-glass surfaces.

THE POINT? God has a plan and WILL fulfill it

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