Friday, June 11, 2010

The girl no one wanted (day 9)

Sally Lloyd-Jones beautifully tells the story of Rachel and Leah, from Genesis 29-30, on page 70 of "The Jesus Storybook Bible." In fact she presented it in such a new way that it was so touching. We pulled out 3 plastic cups and placed different small toys under two of them. We took turns mixing them up and trying to guess where the shell was. It was much harder to guess if you didn't watch the cups the entire time. One time Alyse even put the shell in her lap to trick me. It made Von upset. However, it was a great time to remind them of the trick that Laban played on Jacob.

the point? "But then God chooses people we least expect" (Page 70)

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Jennie Freese said...

I'm going to use this game in our Children's Church this weekend! Our church is doing the curriculum that goes along with the Jesus Storybook Bible and I think this is just the creative activity to supplement with the lesson. Thanks for the inspiration!