Monday, June 7, 2010

Son of Laughter (day 6)

Page 56 of "The Jesus Storybook Bible" begins the story of God promising a son to Abraham and Sarah. After reading the story we acted the story out. The highlight for Alyse was bathing baby Isaac-- complete with a bottle of soap and a washcloth. Von wanted a "boy doll" so he found a bathtub whale to be his "Isaac."

fyi... just to show you the natural progression of things... after bathing the babies, Alyse put her legs in the bucket and washed her own legs... then Von threw sidewalk chalk into the bucket and discovered that the chalk is a lot brighter when it is wet... then we had a tiny lesson on color mixing and rainbows... just go with it :)

the point? God has a plan and keeps his promises

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