Friday, January 8, 2010

Being a Godly Girly Girl

Over Christmas I have been very interested to watch as my 4 year old Alyse is growing into such a girl. Since she is my only daughter, watching this is new. Of course she has always loved princesses and pretty things. All things pink and frilly. But I have been noticing more. For example, if we are at a playground or ballgame and she "makes a friend" with girls, she almost cannot hear anything else. Those girls are gold, and what they say is true to her. Another example happened a couple of weeks ago when Garden Ridge Pottery had all their books on sale for $1. I told each of the kids they could pick out a book. Alyse first picked up anything small. Most of these books were things like "a guide to winetasting" or "fung shua???" Any of the general kids books were not appealing to her eye. We finally settled on what is probably a tween book, since luckily she is unable to read and she said she wants to write in it. The book was black and hot pink and very "girly." These events, along with the fact that all she wanted for Christmas was make-up has really got me pondering, how can I train her to not just be girly, but to be Godly too?