Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Present (day8)

The story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac, from Genesis 22, is on page 68 of "The Jesus Storybook Bible." Wow, is this a tough one. I cannot get through it without sobbing. I was hesitant to even read it to my kiddos, but the modeling/foreshadowing of God sacrificing his own humble son, is just so amazing. After reading it we talked about how Abraham trusted God fully. We played a couple standard "trust games." For example, one kiddo falls backwards and Mom catches them. Then Von (age 7) caught Alyse (age 4.) However, it wasn't a good idea for Alyse to try and catch Von. In this case, Alyse was not worthy of trust-- she would not be able to catch him. God is always worthy of our trust and always able to catch us.

the point? God is trustworthy

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Jennie said...

We did this on Friday. The kids really got into to it and they understood "the point!" Thank you!!