Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saul's jeolousy (deeds of David)

In I Samuel 18 we begin to see King Saul's jealousy come out. The Bible tells us "David had success in all his undertakings for the Lord was with him." David was a mighty warrior, popular among the people, and even well loved by Saul's own family. One day as David was playing the harp and singing for Saul, Saul quickly grabbed his spear and threw it at David, attempting to kill David. David escaped but was now aware of Saul's hatred toward him.

Years ago we did this story, so we used the same activity this time around. We found long straight sticks to be "spears." We went outside and attempted to throw them javelin style towards targets. Our targets were simply large rocks but you can use anything in the yard.

the point? God protects his people. God doesn't promise everyone will like us. Unchecked jealousy grows like poison in us until we do what we would never expect.

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