Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saul disobeys God (deeds of David day 2)

God chose Saul as King over Israel but Saul proves to be a less than obedient man. We covered 1 Samuel 13:1-16 today. This was the time that Saul was preparing to fight the Philistines. Samuel, God's prophet, had promised he would come offer the prescribed sacrifice to God before the army began their battle. However, Samuel did not arrive at the time Saul expected him. Saul lost patience and offered the sacrifice to God himself. God had instructed Samuel to do it, and Saul to wait. When Samuel arrives and notices Saul's sin, Samuel delivers a message from God. God is not pleased with Saul, and Samuel informs him that he will not be king for long.

For our activity we played Simon Says to emphasize following God's instructions exactly. Then, we talked about having patience. We all have many opportunities during the day to practice patience :) We used the darling puff paint instructions on this simply adorkable blogsite. She has awesome photos and directions so I will refer you to her site. We tried to use the paint to make pictures of our story. Just waiting for everything to be ready and taking turns in making the paint proved a tough exercise on patience.

the point? To obey is better than sacrifice. When we rush ahead instead of waiting on God we get into trouble.

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