Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Operation "No More Tears!" (day 27)

Sally Lloyd-Jones includes an unusual story for a Children's Bible on page 144 of her storybook Bible. She tells of Isaiah delivering the promise of the Savior-Jesus. I love how she brings up the prophecies and promises that God made, long before Jesus came to earth. It really highlights the entire point of the Bible. I must admit, I was a bit stumped on what activity to do to help teach/review this story, because there is not a lot of action. We toke turns being the "messenger" delivering notes or drawings between people, as Isaiah delivered God's message to the people. Of course God's message was WAY better than ours :) Leave a comment if you have any other ways to teach this story.

the point? God planned and promised Jesus' salvation, long before Jesus came to earth


Rani A said...

Have children write letters to loved ones. You can have them write out a Bible verse or if they are very young, print out the verse and help them decorate the letter.

Christel Crowson said...

This was such a good idea!!! I had a very hard time coming up with creative and fun activities to do for our church group of about 40 2-4 yr. olds... I am going to have a leader be the "messenger" and deliver 4 different colored envelopes and have the kids get into groups that match color.