Friday, July 2, 2010

The Good Shepherd (day 25)

Sally Lloyd-Jones tells a little about King David beginning on page 130. She talks about David having a loving heart like God, singing praises to God, and even murdering someone. She paraphrases Davids humble repentance and then tells Psalm 23 to give a feel for David's psalms. We made instruments to sing praises with. We wrapped rubber bands around a box lid to make a harp. We also clanged spoons together and attempted a wax-paper-comb-harmonica. We sang our memory verse (see day 21 to learn 1 Samuel 16:7) as well as some other psalm songs we knew like Psalm 100. I attempted to teach them David's repentant song "create in me a clean heart."

the point? the Lord looks at the heart

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