Monday, July 12, 2010

Jonah continued (day 31)

To review the story of Jonah we acted it out. We were all Jonah, running away from God on the couch ship. After the storm came we fell into the sea and swam on the rug until we arrived inside a red sheet fish. When we pulled the sheet over us we were crowded and hot. We took turns praying. Then, the fish spat us out.

the point? God gives second chances

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog through the Facebook page for the Jesus Storybook Bible.
What a great idea for this summer.
I am not only a reader of the Jesus Storybook Bible, but also secretary of the French publisher Editions Clé who published the french version of the Jesus Storybook Bible. I just started a page on Facebook for our clients and finding your blog I was wondering if I could translate (summerize) the application you find for activities with your kids.
Please answer me at my work email adress
Keep on the good work.
Greetings from France
Meinhild SELBACH