Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to pray (day 41)

For the re-telling of the Lord's Prayer from Matthew 6, Sally Lloyd-Jones begins on page 222 of the Jesus Storybook Bible. She gives a lot of guidance on how to pray and does a great job making the reader feel relaxed and loved in it. We simply practiced some praying. We talked about how we can whisper or even talk to God in our heads. Then we took turns doing sentence prayers out loud. I started with "thank you God for today" and then we each took turns thanking Jesus for things, be it jelly beans or grandparents. Then we went around the circle asking for forgiveness, i.e. "please forgive me for not being patient" or "please forgive me for hitting my sister." Last we did asking sentence prayers. "Please help me save the money for a doll" or "Please help me not have bad dreams." We did this to get the kiddos comfortable to say anything to God.

the point? God wants us to always talk to him

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