Monday, December 6, 2010

The Olive Branch Wreath (Expecting Christmas day 2)

After Adam and Eve are sent out of the Garden of Eden, there is not a lot of information until we see that "every intention of the thoughts of mans heart was only evil continually." Enter "Noah's Ark" in Genesis 6-9. God uses the ark to rescue his people, just as later he uses the cross.

In Genesis 8:11 the dove that Noah sent out to see if the flood waters had receded returns with an olive leaf. So for our Christmas craft we cut branches off two different trees/bushes to make Christmas wreaths. Of course we don't have olive branches so we used cedar tree branches and another bush that I don't know the name of. Here are instructions on how to make an evergreen wreath. This was only my second time to try this and mine didn't turn out as pretty as the instructions. In fact, the one made out of the un-named bush was so ugly it went in the trash. However, the cedar one was passable and the kids want to put it on our front door.

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