Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bread Babies (Expecting Christmas)

We are finishing our "Expecting Christmas" activities a little bit early because of other festivities coming up. So today we celebrate God the son, leaving heaven and coming to earth as a little baby. Thank you Jesus for humbling yourself in such a way to take on a human form. Thank you for being born, for the purpose of dying, to pay our debt. Wow.

I got this activity from my sister-in-law who made bread bears in their family growing up. That, mixed with an Ecuadorian tradition of making bread dolls (in November.) I think they probably make the bread from scratch but I had some frozen dinner rolls on hand. I let the rolls sit out about 4 hours (the recommended rise time) and then let the kiddos form them into "babies." Alyse pointed out that baby Jesus was actually wearing swaddling clothes so you wouldn't be able to see his hands or feet. This made it even easier to make little baby Jesus breads. We ate the rolls with our meal. It was very special.

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