Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Ark (deeds of David day 19)

After David is made King of all Israel, he desires for the Lord's holy Ark of the Covenant to be in the capital city as well. 2 Samuel 6-7 and I Chronicles 13 tell of David's attempt to bring the Ark to Jerusalem. David had not read God's very specific instructions on how the holy Ark was to be transported. Therefore, when one man touches the ark to keep it from falling, he is struck dead. David is devastated and leaves the Ark where it is. However, after being very careful to read and follow all God's instructions, David retrieves the Ark and brings it into Jerusalem. David sings and dances for joy as they enter the city.

To make our own "Ark of the Covenant" we used an old diaper box and found two long sticks. We punched holes in the sides of the box and ran the sticks across the top of the box to create handles. The kids carried the "Ark" and re-enacted the story. Later, they decided to make a game out of it (though they understood it was no game in real life.) They tried to jump over the box without touching it. It they touched it they had to "fall down dead." Actually, this fun continued for quite a long time.

the point? The Lord God is HOLY!

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