Friday, November 13, 2009

Bible in the Bath

I recently heard an idea that sounded fun. Why not teach the kids Bible truths while taking a bath? Bathtime is already regularly scheduled, what a great idea to use that time as an informal teaching time. I like scheduling a formal "Bible Time" but also having a chance to talk about the Lord throughout our day. I tried it the other day. I just started off by telling Alyse, "did you know the earth used to be all covered in water like this tub?" She looked up at me with surprise (even though she has heard the story of creation.) Because it was such a part of our normal conversation, I think it had a different affect. I was surprised how many illustrations we found while taking a bath. Talking about breathing under water before God created the air, trying to swim everywhere before God created land, etc. Of course the natural flow of conversation shows how smart God was to create the air and the land before he created the animals and people. Very cool.

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